Household God

For my dad, John L. Gresham,
He is missed every day.
Happy Father’s Day – I love you

Household God

You were a household god,
Not a faraway god in heaven’s vault
But a jovial Jove
Full of life and power.
I sprang from your forehead,
Not fully Athena
But to become Wisdom
And Responsible
And Chosen.
Your ego was Olympian,
Thunderbolts would fly from your fury,
Then all Justice and Mercy.
A bacchanalian god–
Wine flowing as we danced in the kitchen.
I worshiped at your feet
When you lay mortally wounded,
Your life your Achilles heel.
I worship you still
With the laughing spirit you are
Now and forever. Amen.

17 thoughts on “Household God

  1. What an impression this man made on the narrator! A veritable god, vast in anger and in love and, finally, in laughter. I am glad that is the greatest memory, the one that lingers at the end.

  2. Kathleen, this is a wonderful poem for Father’s Day! I loved the unique comparisons you made. I especially like the idea that your dad was a household god. I bet he would have smiled about that!

  3. oh nice… sounds like he’s been an awesome man with quite some temperament – love how you add depth and mystery with the weaving in of achilles…athena… a wonderful tribute

  4. A beautiful tribute to your father Katheen ~ I specially like: Wine flowing as we danced in the kitchen & laughing spirit, now & forever ~

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