Subset of Morning 2


Beethoven morning-
complex symphonic dawn
a joyful breeze skipping over a pastoral landscape

Mozart morning –
happy little minuet dawn
with a touch of melancholy clouds

Bach morning –
humid fugue heavy dawn
sky of rolling clouds in minor keys

Vivaldi morning –
melodically bright dawn
concerto sky exuberant with color

Tchaikovsky morning –
dark overture dawn
filled with cannonous thunder and muffled drums of rain

Chopin morning –
blue rondo dawn
cartwheeling clouds dancing across the sky

4 thoughts on “Subset of Morning 2

  1. yay! love these! I’ve had lots of Beethoven mornings and Bach mornings and even a few Vivaldi and Chopin mornings – Too funny that I tend to avoid Tchaikovsky 🙂

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