In the garden, I sat very still and asked

hanging garden

will you sting?

‘not very likely’
as she busily bent to her work
cataloging the latin names
of each herb and flower

will you dance?

sniffing she glanced at me
‘each movement I make is dance
and each step will be danced
for my sisters and brothers
to follow the map
of my intricate steps”

will they sing?

with a sigh
‘each breath is a song
sung to ancestral hives
and honeycombed futures
humming hymns
sweet and low’

will you stay?

‘yes, yes is the answer
as long as alfalfa is green
and the almond
blush pink
and the wide world
opens its blossoms
welcoming us to enter”

12 thoughts on “In the garden, I sat very still and asked

  1. So very touching, & Zen; Be the bee as they say, for the bumblebee is the speaker for me, and Spring the theater. A very creative use of the prompt, & one cannot read it without both sighing & smiling.

  2. I found this so beautiful.. a magical garden… I like the title also, ‘sat very still and asked’.. very lovely sweet poem! 🙂

  3. This is delightful… I needed a smile, too (I am having a hard time w/ Mother’s Day this weekend, so I appreciate your sweet comment on my blog).

  4. every move i make is dance…ha…i like..and every breath being a song…i really love this persons perspective…and they speak so lyrically as well…this made me smile…

    hope you are doing well kathleen…

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