A walk in the May garden

Herons garden in May 2014

hanging garden

pinks in may 2014

Iris in May 2014

Garden in May 2014

Ahhh – the garden is filled with color and the bees busy at their tasks. Our iris have begun to bloom sending the old fashioned flags above the garden, stately with their strapping green leaves.

Iris always remind me of my grandmother, Albertine Nettie Savage Gresham, Teeney for short and Mam Ma to her grandchildren. She had iris on the slope of her yard in Waco, TX. The night air in May was filled with their fragrance. And they always seem to look like older ladies to me – with colorful scarves covering their well coiffed hair and smelling of sweet floral perfumes and powders.

The fringed pinks are blooming too – their scent of clove and spice mixing with the sweetness of the iris.

Our columbine are beginning to show signs of going to seed – their season is never long enough. And when they go to seed, my garden does too, until the husks are dry enough to harvest seed for friends and family and to broadcast the next generations into the garden. Then the dry stalks can be cut back to make way for summer flowers.

The heron watches over the pollywogs – will soon have tiny frogs to contend with along the path. Water brings its own magic into the May garden.

Hope you can find a little garden magic too.

3 thoughts on “A walk in the May garden

  1. I love the smell of dianthus! my mom and grandma always had them and I planted them when I had my garden – I’ve mapped out in my head now which neighbors have them so I can detour with the dogs and catch a whiff 🙂 loving all your garden shots!

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