A Visit to the May Garden

Riot of columbines 2014May Garden 5 2014Riot of columbine 2 2014Fairie garden 2014May Garden 4 2014Blues and double blues 2014May Day 2013May garden 3 2014

Now, this year, the columbines are just showing off!

The garden is thick with these sweet flowers in a riot of color and form. We have the palest of clear white to deep burgundy to double blues for the first time.

The bees are drunk with delight. You should see these big old bumbles working their magic – cross pollinating to beat the band, and leaving the secrets of their work to be revealed next spring. They tumble thru the garden, loaded with golden pollen, to finally make their way to a hive hidden in the woods. I wonder what columbine honey would taste like?

The iris will be in bloom in the next few days and the pinks are just showing color. Hostas and ferns are making their way. So the summer garden is taking shape.

I am sure the fairies are enjoying this garden – dancing and reveling in the magic of the columbines every night under the new moon.
I keeping hoping to see them one night in their merriment – might even join in the dance.


9 thoughts on “A Visit to the May Garden

  1. utterly enchanting, Kathleen! and you have foot stones! 🙂 I’d say it looks like a peaceful place, but gardens are always chock full of activity – birds and bees and six-legged beasties

    happy weekend, my friend!

    • Because the garden is built on a slope, its hard to show perspective in these photos, but photo with the stepping stones is taken at the patio level and then walks down to the lower level of the yard. and it really is enchanting – I love to sit and just look at it in the evenings.
      Hope you have a great weekend too – hugs to all!

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