I remember
the night you pulled down the sky
sown with stars
into the field of deepest blue
you said my eyes were starry
filled with the colors
of moonless skies

we drifted

the rivers flow
circumnavigated our foreheads
and rushed the winds back into ringlets
at the nape of my neck

you were young and brave
and fought dragons
until we were left
with only nacreous shells and roses of stone

the desert bloomed with our love
the peace taken for granted
as long as the bees returned to the hive
and the new moon rose over the spring meadows
where we lay

*** First, please forgive my ineptness at linking things – I am hopeless!
But, I have taken inspiration from the beautiful works of C Nelson Kellar for this poem and I hope you will explore her artistry at .
In reading about Ms Kellar, I felt an immediate kinship, not only is she living just a few hundred miles south but I was struck by her description of herself – her sense of humor and love of color. Her artwork is filled with whimsy but has a depth of knowledge and understanding of form and light. I was moved by the charming portraits as well as the abstract paintings.
And in her bold exclamation “I am an artist!” she gives me courage to declare my artistry as well.
Please take the time to discover C Nelson Kellar’s paintings.
Thanks – K

16 thoughts on “circumnavigation

  1. How very romantic! I am an emotional soul, but not normally in the romantic sense (I’m a bit too ‘dark’ for that). This touched a sensitive nerve though, in a very good way 🙂

  2. I remember feeling like that, kind of an invulnerable center, strong, and fulfilled to the point where i felt the earth and its ways rush around me. It was madness or brief divinity, I guess. I like circumnavigation. I wonder which images brought you here.

  3. Would have loved to see the painting you chose, but in some ways, it is still cool; because the poetics are romantically boffo, & I can see several paintings in my head, one an abstract, like Van Gogh’s STARRY NIGHT, & one is Georgia O’Keefe, the sensual artist goddess of the Southwest.

  4. I love the love story blooming under the moonless skies & desert ~ This was so romantic to read ~
    I too felt encouraged from reading Cheryl’s journey and self affirmation ~ Thanks for participating and wishing you Happy Week ~

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