winter clouds perception

Ice covered Cove in Feb!
clouds of ice
skimming the cove
on the rocky shore
sounds of complaint
snow squeaking
with each footfall
my boots
impressions of diamonds
blue shadowed

clouds of sparrows
tiny brown bodies
white streaked brows
over bright black eyes
trident tracks
where the road forks
into the winter woods

clouds of breath
the warm house before me
sound of strings
Beethoven Cello Sonata
No1 in F Op5 No1
and the news
Syria, Sochi,
a newborn found
in a gym bag

my mug of tea
clouds of cream

16 thoughts on “winter clouds perception

  1. I like the form & feel of this sketch poem, with clever line breaks, and idyllic images, and Zen-like moments, & a nice turnover, snap back to reality within at the end.

  2. Hey, the newborn found in a gym bag came from my state. Amazing story. The child lived overnight outside in the cold of an Iowa night. Thank goodness he lived. Of all the clouds you mentioned, I most yearn for the tea with its clouds of cream! Yummmmm.

  3. what a treat this is!
    I can hear and feel the crunching of the snow under your boots and see the things you see.
    Are you enjoying the Sochi coverage? I loved the skating, figure skating and snowboarding today.

  4. ugh…the newborn found in the gymbag…it cuts through the feel of nature…the birds, the cold…and a kid in a gym bag…ugh…hard to find the peace again in the face of that…

  5. a beautiful winter walk in the snow…beethoven and a good cup of tea…sounds like perfection…oh i wish we had snow like on your pic… so beaufiful…i always find that snow is so soothing for the soul…

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