The Holly and the Ivy

Dec snow 2013
pewter painted sky
streaked by swirling flakes
landscape softened by drifts of solstice snow
obscured palette of sepia tones
grayed bark with browned limbs
thorny holly entwined by tender ivy
symbols of life in the midst
of certain death
ivy twisted holly crown
to wear in the winters dance
renewing the world
evergreen and evermore

24 thoughts on “The Holly and the Ivy

  1. I think my first comment didn’t work, but apologies if it did and I am repeating myself. Just wanted to say there is a timeless quality to this (beautiful image and words, by the way) which reminded me of that traditional English carol of the same name.

  2. I tend to not be a lover of Winter, the /grayed bark with browned limbs/ do not inspire joy in my poet’s heart; live in the Northwest, near the Gulf Stream, so our winters are typically mild, but we are so hilly & mountainous here, a few inches of snow gut the power grid, & making driving a hellish haze of swirling tires, skidding bumpers, and collisions. So when we get some measurable snow soon, I will box it in dry ice and send it to Claudia; but of course by that time she will have some of her own.

    • I love all the seasons – and honestly, probably like winter a tiny bit better than summer. The vistas across the ozark ridges are open and the views to the hollows accessible. And since I grew up in TX, where snow was a rare sight, the idea of deep snow still thrills me. It brings out the little kid in me and I love bundling up and tromping around – making snow angels and snowmen. Goofy but I can’t help it. smiles

  3. nice…enjoyed the trip into winter here…pewter sky is a lovely description….and the holly crown to do the dance…i can get down with that…smiles..i am def ready for some snow…

  4. winter’s dance… so much elegance and gentle beauty in it… love how you capture the hues of winter as well…the sepia tones… and oh… i so want snow… sigh….

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