Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Snow Dec 2013

snow Dec 2013 1

Pileated woodpecker Dec 2013

Lake in snow Dec 2013
Well, the weather forecaster was right this time – it started with a little freezing rain, then heavy downpours of sleet and finally….SNOW!!! And lots of it! There is almost a foot of the fluffy white stuff now and it is still coming down.
I am one of those crazy people that love the snow – the only drawback with this storm is the temperature – it is soooooo cold. Which means the snow isn’t good snowman building snow – too light and icy.
So I will make due with these handsome fellows to keep me company!

Let it Snow! 2013Snow day Dec 2013

Dance of the Snowmen!  Dec 2013

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