Annual Pumpkin Roll 2014


2014 Annual Pumpkin  Roll - perfect form

2014 Annual Pumpkin Roll - Firing away
2014 Annual Pumpkin Roll - putting a little spin on it

2014 Annual Pumpkin Roll - This one's gonna ROLL!!

2014 Annual Pumpkin Roll - letting it go

2014 Annual Pumpkin Roll - Great form for a rookie2014 Annual Pumpkin Roll - shes got an arm full of pumpkin2014 Annual Pumpkin Roll - that ones gonna splash2014 Annual Pumpkin Roll - Uncle Bob as ref- its in bounds!2014 Annual Pumpkin Roll - time for one more roll2104 Annual Pumpkin Roll - ooo - thats a goner2014 Annual Pumpkin Roll Champions!Beloved children - and Pumpkin Roll winners!Well, this all started a few years ago. Bob and I would roll the pumpkins we had used to decorate the outside of the house for autumn, down to the lake after Thanksgiving dinner or whenever we started putting the Christmas decorations out.
So those years when we had family here, the kids would do the honors of rolling the big orange globes down the road.
Now, it has become an annual family tradition on Thanksgiving day! It is hilarious to watch and lots of fun to do. You oughta find a nice hill and try it yourself next year! Smiles!!!

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