12 thoughts on “Acclamation of Wings

    • Hi Lorri – thanks – loved your elk photos for Black Fri – completely hilarious! Are you ready for the snow the end of the week? I’m trying to schedule errands after work for the next couple of days, stocking up and hoping for lots of snow!

      • Thanks – that was such an amazing trip. I am holed up with firewood and a wood stove in case I lose power. Crock pot on, birds fed – I’m as ready as I can get! How are you guys doing?

      • Pintos and ham bone simmering on the stove, we are cozy and snug- heavy sleet right now, hoping to see it change over to snow soon. Hope you get less ice and more snow too – stay safe and feed the birds! (had 2 pileateds on the suet feeder this morning – just about fainted with delight!)

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