The Color of Joy


The Color of Joy

the Red of our garden roses
or the bright Yellow
days of summer
or maybe even
the deep tapestry of Gold
in the autumn woods
all these could have been
the color of joy

but now I know
deep Indigo and Charcoal
color of sky on a moonless night
when the western wind
blew open my door
and in the deep midnight Blue hour
brought you home
to me

9 thoughts on “The Color of Joy

  1. oh i sure understand that the return of someone you love can make the color of the day the color of joy… it’s so tightly connected to our emotions.. both ways round..

    • thanks, Brian – he was away way too long – over a month – never again! but joy abounds at his homecoming – thanks for sticking with me – I have been in a mighty funk – writing lots of sulky morose poems – smiles – but no more! K

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