on the evening news


Watching the interview,
you are grinning like a Cheshire cat
at the Mad Hat(t)ers
Tea Party.
You’re smiling,
orange you,
“Nobody’s being hurt-
Its for your own good-
We will win this fight-
It is the principle of the thing.”
And all the time,
I know,
you have
Someone else has lit the flame,
flickering behind your eyes.
And that grin
is only hiding
the emptiness
in your

20 thoughts on “on the evening news

  1. Gutless Pumpkins could be a new rock group, or a new wing of the Republican party; you rocked the prompt, Kathleen; served up something humorous, but prickly with political barbs & undisputed truths; well done, thanks.

  2. What a strong line in this way of thinking: can be an indication of all sorts of things.
    And the accompanying picture is a gem.

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