Things said and not said and all the Possibilities

tone and pitch
mean everything
the sound of the liquid vowels and
rock hard consonants
that spill on the water way
cascading over the falls
into that pool
that will be memory
of this
just now
the thought
just so
not spoken
in your eyes
blue as the sky
as the wing of a bird
that takes my notice
as you stop to consider
the next words
that will spill from your mouth
that mouth
a hint of a smile
tasting of life and ocean
where the truth will be spoken
or withheld
don’t say a thing

27 thoughts on “Things said and not said and all the Possibilities

  1. …it will take a time to find the sincerity & truth in every word we utter… sadly, sometimes we threw words without thinking of its substance & effect t’wards the intended receiver… smiles…

  2. So much is said that would have better left unsaid; so much is not said that should have been; so much is said with the wrong tone or body laguage and so misunderstood. Sometimes it makes me wonder whther language is such a gift after all…

    Hi K. Long time no see – my fault I think. How are you?

    • Hey, Tony – no fault at all – have been a little quiet on my end of the lane 🙂 – but you won’t believe what I did today – went back to read Penelope again! I am so happy with that poem and still appreciate your wonderful help. Hope everything is going well for you and your family – hugs – K

  3. it’s not only what we say but how we say it… communication is so difficult in many ways.. but sometimes we understand just without words… maybe the biggest part of conversation is what we don’t say..

  4. Oh yes, some very romantic esthetic meandering on this fine morning; love it; like the simplicity, the boldness of style, and dig the close; strong piece, thanks.

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