On visiting Crystal Bridges

crystal bridges

On visiting Crystal Bridges

crystalline reflections
streak across the windows
cathedral tall
curved yet linear
piercing the water’s surface
with gothic arch of sunlight

temple bells chime
at the opening
of each elevator door
stainless steel
reflections of natural beauty
against the unnatural arc
of polished silver

bridging culture, space and time
held in tension
against the beams
of dark wood
and bright sunlight
reflecting the blue Ozarks sky

*** Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas – truly a remarkable collection of American art from colonial portraits to current artists housed in a stunningly beautiful building by architect, Moshe Safdie, built in a picturesque Ozarks hollow. http://crystalbridges.org

11 thoughts on “On visiting Crystal Bridges

  1. Kathleen – was this your first visit. I love Crystal Bridges. The care they took with that hollow building it is a testament to their love of the Ozarks. The trails are stunning too.

  2. Transported us with a wave of beautiful words & images; “make it so”, Capt. Picard would say on STAR TREK, and the artists would do. When the architecture is already art, then the esthetics just deepen with more art. liked this piece a lot; thanks.

  3. sounds like a beautiful exhibit….our art gallery has been static here, would not mind a change of pace…i like the elevator bells as temple bells…there is a spirituality to the creation of art….smiles.

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