On seeing a fossilized dragonfly

as finely etched as dragonfly wings
your hands appear before me
in a vision of wind and sky and water
a pen and ink sketch
devolved, dissolved in mist
and fog as it drapes
across still water
how does the water’s surface
hold such stillness
with its swift current
as your hands are still
with blood coursing thru sinew
and tendon
holding flesh and water and fog
etched and hone
to such fineness
in the permanent
of mist,
and wings
and bone

41 thoughts on “On seeing a fossilized dragonfly

  1. For me this is a love poem, rife with romantic symbols, and for me the hands are real lovers hands, reminding us that a gentle touch connotes a gentle soul & heart; yet there is more in this piece too, some pain, some longing & loneliness; thanks for the primer & the emotions.

  2. i just love how you make us see the beauty here..holding flesh and water and fog
    etched and hone
    to such fineness…love this…there’s such a raw beauty in this

  3. nice…very cool…love water and its illusion of stillness while moving…and how you compare that to the their hands….that works really well…the delicate beauty of the dragonfly wings as well kathleen…permanent impermanence…smiles….

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