Riding through Kansas

Riding through Kansas

Turning off the radio
I turn my attention to the river of blacktop
Snaking across the prairie
Its course runs through the twilight colored plains
Western horizon is tinged with the last light of sunset
As the black night sky pours over the vastness
And the constellations begin making their journey
Through red and green blinking lights
Of the cell towers of Babel
That desecrate the once endless view
And bar the vision
of forever.

14 thoughts on “Riding through Kansas

  1. As a child, I used to love the power pylons in the plains – it made me feel that civilization was never too far away from that rather intimidating emptiness and vast openness. But I suppose things have gone too far now and that sense of infinite space is starting to get hemmed in. Perfectly described here.

  2. I read this poem a few times, and each time it impressed me more. I thought of the ‘cell phone towers of babel’ and the play on words as well….so much babble carried by those towers. And then I thought of things that interrupt the vastness on long western trips, and I thought about those fields of windmills one sees now. Useful but ugly…as are cell towers. Indeed in recent times so much has desecrated what once was an endless view.

  3. the cell towers of Babel…wow what a reference drop there…smiles…love the visual out there on the road…hey i am right there…traveling home…after doing the communion service at church today…i remember similar on my way home last year after seeing you on vacation…long expanses with no one but my fam and the stars….

  4. it’s funny how just one single tower or landmark stops our eyes and somehow narrows the view… it must be a beautiful landscape where you’re living kathleen

    • I think the same about what you must see out your window, Claudia – one of the reasons I love your poetry so – takes me to river sides and cafes and train stations – that I will only experience thru your lovely words – thank you for that – K

    • Thanks, John – it was one of the things that struck me most driving across the plains last year. A few years ago, it seemed you could see forever – now, your eye is stopped by the endless towers and windmills. Seems to have closed us in somehow. Thanks always for your kindness and friendship! K

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