Waters Deep

Bright surface belies
The waters green depth
Fresh spring water moving
From earth deep vessels
Spilling onto the rocky creeks
Becoming flashing streams
To fill the steep hollows
And dark places
Where once they lived.
The lake still moves
In ancient river patterns
Its flow the memory
Of past profound
And waters deep
Changeable and immortal.

*** this was written and posted last year – we are so lucky to live on a lake, close to rivers, creeks and springs – water is all around us – a different awareness of water when you are in such close proximity.

12 thoughts on “Waters Deep

  1. water truly is ancient– all water we see/drink/swim in today, is water (in some form or other) that has existed since all time. Whether it is in a lake or a river, or our bodies, it is the same said water, moving, changing, but ever “immortal”– thanks for sharing, peace, Jason

  2. i love the contrast of fresh spring water and the deep immortal and changeable…the moving in ancient patterns, telling whole stories… and so cool that you live so close to the water

  3. it flows the memories of past profound…smiles, i like that…there is def much more once you look beneath the surface, the peaceful surface def doesnt let you see the current and all that lives beneath….

  4. The sheen of the water’s surface does indeed belie it’s depth. I don’t know how many times I have stepped into a hole while trying to find better fishing holes. They are changeable indeed. Thanks,

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