Notes from a July Thunderstorm

July Rain
banging on dusks door-
dark cloudy visage –
thunderstorm warning
rivers of cool air-
ride on the summers current-
mighty oaks shiver-
leaves shaking in the cold rain-
storm on a summers night
rumble of a July storm –
summers deep voice –
and violent dance

5 thoughts on “Notes from a July Thunderstorm

  1. This is almost like a premonition for the events that occurred. The style lends itself to the reader to imagine the scene. Very interesting write.

    • Good morning, Lorri – yes it was but pretty scary here for a bit – trees down and docks loose! No idea how much rain we had but any was welcomed – it had gotten soooo dry. Now a gorgeous morning with all the windows open – at least for a little while! Enjoy your day – K

      • Wow, just some thunderboomies here, no wind to speak of. We had a half inch last night, but it drizzled here until about six. Gorgeous day with the screen doors open all day here.

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