a single day
an ephemeral beauty
a beautiful, ephemeral life

I am weary of death
his low whistle
in a minor key
has been heard too often at my door
I am ready to be relieved of his visits
I am so tired of tears
and the beautiful arrangements
of roses

an ephemeral beauty
a beautiful life

20 thoughts on “Daylilies

  1. Flowers…a great metaphor for the brevity of beautiful life…and how well you captured that here. Poigant, beautiful write 🙂 xo

  2. Dear Kathleen, It surely seems loss is a part of the gift of a longer life. We had another passing in our family. Hope things are well there. I was thinking about how the daylilies are perennials, and now I read Claudia’s comment about the resurrection. Love and blessings, to an excellent poet and friend, Ellen

  3. There is such beauty in the expression of this sadness, K…expressed with such depth. The sound is of mourning felt like waves, repeating and washing over…I’m sorry you have felt it so deeply to be able to express it so well. xo

  4. I understand what you are saying…death can make one weary. I like ‘his low whistle in a minor key.’ Yes, that is the sound! And after a while all the beautiful arrangements just cause a person to remember who is not there to enjoy them.

  5. I like the metaphor of the daylilies – to live one day, knowing death is imminent is to value beauty and life like no other ~ Perhaps we should live each day as daylilies do ~

  6. I am weary of death
    his low whistle
    in a minor key
    has been heard too often at my door

    nice description…and i have def been tired of his visits as well…hard when they come back to back…

  7. such a feeling verse – I love how those short lines really denote the tiredness

    I’m hoping things are well? and that this isn’t in response to any recent event? Hugs, Kathleen!

  8. there’s only a certain portion of death and grief one can endure… an emotional write and i love that you weave the lily symbol in…also a symbol for resurrection if i’m right..?

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