Oscillation and Displacement

waves ruffle across the water’s surface
sunlight glinting at the crests
sends dazzling sparks of light
across the rocky cove

waves oscillate through space and matter
without seismic displacement
sends shocking particles electrical
across the spatial disturbance

waves of grief wash across my heart
tears displace my resolve
as you look back and raise your hand
shielding your eyes from the suns bright glare
or is it to wave goodbye

21 thoughts on “Oscillation and Displacement

  1. The last verse was particularly poignant. One of my co-workers will be dealing this weekend with her mother’s death (she likely passed sometime this afternoon). It wasn’t unexpected, but sad nonetheless.


  2. this is so thick with emotions k. – the last bit with the looking back really brought me almost to tears.. felt grief in this…and the anaphora so subtle and yet so powerful

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