Blind Hog

Blind Hog

It’s not that I don’t believe in luck-
my daddy always said,
even a blind hog will find an acorn.
But luck
has always been in short supply
around here-
And lately,
working so hard,
I don’t know come here from sic’em.
So I keep my head down
and plow along
feeling rode hard and put up wet.
Spending my last dollar
at the lottery counter,
hoping that acorn will finally turn up.

*** writing poetry using idioms for the dVerse prompt -used 3 of my favorite southern phrases!

17 thoughts on “Blind Hog

  1. Ah luck exist .. of course.. but it’s hard to depend on it.. maybe I’m more a beliver in “Every man is the architect of his own fortune”.. But if I never buy a lottery ticket (which I don’t) the luck will never favour me… (luck favour the bold)… Liked your poem a lot and the blind hog is a great idiom..

  2. “even a blind hog will find an acorn” is very similar to one of my favorite idioms:
    “even a blind man knows when the sun is shining”, as for luck I agree with Brian we have to create our own !! I enjoyed this !

  3. ha. yeah, the lotto counter has never been my friend…smiles…my father in law plays it religeously cause one day he will hit it…he has more faith in that regard….luck, i make my own if i get it…

    • Bob and I call it the hillbilly retirement fund! lol we always buy a ticket or two when the figures get up there – always fun to think about – and yes, luck has more to do with hard work and attitude, i think! How did your evening go at the festival? K

  4. And if the acorn turns up, never mind that you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth! You will never again be a day late and a dollar short…..until the day when you are dead as a doornail, and that will be years away in this dog-eat-dog kind of world! (Smiles) I liked your poem.

  5. …over the years i find luck to be quite not a reliable source of success… i firmly believed that success was still achieved thru perseverance & courage… for me relying on such luck is just a noisier way of not doing anything or even exerting effort… God will provide us what we deserve when He sees we’ve done something to uplift our current condition… we define our tomorrow not by what we wished for to have but by what we’ve desired to achieve today… smiles… thanks for sharing this wonderfully insightful piece… smiles…

  6. smiles…maybe the lottery counter is the last place for luck to show up.. we once in math made the equation how big the chances are that you really win… ha – it’s so little – can def. relate to this though…i believe more in hard work than in luck – but maybe that’s the wrong attitude as well – probably life works best with a healthy mixture of both…

    • I think I have heard that the chance of hitting the big money is the same as being hit by lightning – 3 times! But there are people who buy the tickets everyday – just waiting for lady luck! Thanks, Claudia – this was a fun prompt – K

  7. I’ve learned so many new idioms tonight- even a blind hog will find an acorn; I don’t know come here from sic’em. This was one of the best ones I read. Who can’t relate to this? Very well-rendered! -Mike

    • Thank you, Mike – I have read many I had not heard before too- and ‘don’t know come here from sic’em’ is one of my all time faves – hope you find a reason to use it in conversation – would love to hear how people react – lol K

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