Firefly Summer Night

will you come out
whispers the night
lets count the stars and sing to the moon
I will hold your hand and we will walk thru the meadow
illuminated by fireflies
shimmering gems of opalescence
the summer stars lean in close
to watch their sparkle
jealous of the sweet pulsing light
take my hand
look, here is a star
hold it in your hand
sparks of delight on a summers night
the jealous stars rain down
to see their rivals
in the center of the sky
open blue and deep
where the twinkling stars hide and seek

22 thoughts on “Firefly Summer Night

  1. Sold my firefly heaven in VT, now your making me reminisce about the most magical time of the year !! Until you’ve seen tens of thousands of fireflies blinking in unison, nothing compares !!

  2. Wish the night would whisper to the mosquitoes to stay away though! I love sitting on my deck until after dark, but lately I’m having to come in since I don’t want to spray down with repellent.


    • Hey Nancy – now see, the next little home project should be a screened porch – (ok ok dont throw anything at me!) On another note – my brother and sis in law from Fl are on their way to see us, He had an exciting and excellent report from the Dr this week – count down into the 80s – new chemo seems to be doing the trick – if numbers stay at this level or lower after 2 more rounds, he will be in remission and on a maintenence chemo. So grateful for prayers and good thoughts – has made all the difference to my fam! hugs and smiles ( and a hearty pat for my favorite beagle) – K

      • That would be a great home project!

        Great news about your brother. I think our families are surprised at the friendships we have through our blogs. Be sure to take a new family picture to post on your blog, with a link to the post when you told us what was going on with him. If he’s too thin, stick him in the back. You need family pics as often as possible.

        The beagle has been enjoying the cooler weather and has been sleeping out on the deck until bed. My husband and I stayed out until nearly 11 pm last night – I wrapped up in a blanket after a while, but it was so nice and not many mosquitoes. We even slept with the windows open, which we loved.

        Have a good day and a good visit!

        Hugs & kisses from Virginia.

  3. smiles…first fireflies of the season my wife was like…what is that flying so low….ha…cause they were playing in the tree tops not down at the grass….funny….love me some fireflies….hide n seek…smiles…nice…

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