A Day in June

June Thunderhead 2

Our day started out with perfect weather – the temperature was moderate and just enough breeze to make it pleasant to sit on the porch. We had our early morning coffee and then a late breakfast as we enjoyed being out, watching the birds and chipmunks feeding on the sunflower seeds.

The water was still and flat – easy to see the schooling fish with an occasional leap from the waters surface leaving the water rippling after the splash.

About mid afternoon, it began to rain – a nice steady little shower – but then – the HUMIDITY! Yikes – it became a sauna out there. So a good time to get a few inside chores done.

In the late afternoon, early evening, the wind shifted, blowing the humidity away. So we went out for a trip around the cove to see all the flowers in bloom. The Queen Annes lace is putting on quite a show, with sweet peas and butterfly weed for a little contrast. And the wild roses are in full bloom too.

Such a bounty of beauty – all in the course of our seasons!

June evening 2 2013

butterfly weed and queen annes lace

wild roses

Sweet Peas

Queen Annes lace

4 thoughts on “A Day in June

  1. Gorgeous, Kathleen! I had to explain to someone the other day how Queen Anne’s Lace is NOT a weed – it’s a wildflower! Sounds like a perfectly lovely June day 🙂

  2. The humidity did the same thing here – it got really yucky fast yesterday. I’m so glad for air conditioning!

    I loved the flower pictures and yes, it is all in the course of our seasons.


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