Eden of Chaos

May Garden 2013
There is something to be said
for gardens neat and tidy,
pruned rows of charming box,
lilies, straight and proper,
tiers of trimmed trees,
all standing at attention-
a symmetry of geometry.

But, for me, I’ll take a garden rampant with green-
ferns astilbe mums roses lilies dianthus hollyhocks coreopsis violets
with a few bindweed and clover and poison ivy too-
moneywort overtaking the gravel path,
cheek by jowl to the lemon thyme,
columbine gone to seed,,
and foxglove hiding behind the iris blades
hostas shading the damn rabbits,
birds alight everywhere
filling the air with color and song.
This is my garden, my delight,
my beautiful chaotic Eden.

10 thoughts on “Eden of Chaos

  1. If my garden had to wait for me to make it perfect and groomed, it would never happen!!


    P.S. The beagle has landed. I mean, come home as in snoring in the family room, having objected quite vocally to being bathed before being released from prison.

  2. There is alot to be said for the natural state of things, especially plants and their preferences for how and where they want to grow…a balance in nature, perhaps. It seems that your eye agrees and appreciates that beauty. Lovely.

  3. lovely piece. Love the way the first stanza is tight and short while the second is expansive and longer, aesthetically a beautiful aspect added wonderfully. I really like the use of the colors, sounds, and nature here, on both a visual and metaphoric/symbolic level. Really excellent read. thanks

  4. So true! I have a big trust in nature and allow plants to come spontaneously where they want to be. That’s usually where they will be at their best anyway. Just a little control here and there and the garden automatically turns into the paradise of Eden.

  5. smiles..i like my gardens a bit chaotic and wild as well… i have a rose that has a wild love affair with our pear tree…and both of them seem to be crazily happy..smiles

  6. I couldn’t agree more.

    In our garden which is a piece of wood really we have tried to recreate a little meadow among the trees instead of a bad lawn. By using a scythe once a year… it’s getting more and more wildflowers and less and less grass. But a garden of Eden has to be chaotic.

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