In the Bathroom Mirror

I smile because after thirty something years together
in the bathroom mirror
he still sees that twenty-eight year old young man
I married.
but his twenty-six year old bride
does not gaze back at me
I see
each silver hair
reflect from the mirrored surface
each pound and line
stark realities of time
sometimes I’m startled
not recognizing the image
as Self
but another Woman
(sometimes mother
and now
even grandmother)
stares back at me
from the bathroom mirror
And I smile

23 thoughts on “In the Bathroom Mirror

  1. I can so relate to that. This afternoon my husband told me how I pretty I was. Let’s see, I’d been doing yard work, then laundry and working around the house. I was hot, sticky and crabby and told him I didn’t agree with him. He was quite the sweetie and informed me that I was pretty no matter how I looked. But I agree – what looks back at me in the mirror is not what he sees. Which is good, but I have to work harder at accepting and remembering that.


  2. I like the sense of daydreaming while looking at the mirror. Past and present unite. Thankfully ending with a smile.

  3. There is a difference in what one sees in the mirror, true ~ I think we women are more conscious of the signs of aging than men ~ I think its sweet that he still sees and calls you his bride, smiles ~

  4. And I do love that ending. I think all of our wrinkles, scars, gray hairs…whatever, are like battle scars–well earned and the kind of beauty that endures. I have to tell myself that or…

  5. Mirror, mirror, who is the fairest poet of them all? Lovely, honest, audacious peek into that silvered surface. Mostly in mine I really only still recognize the boy’s eyes; the reflection is becoming both my grandfather, and the phantom father I never knew.

  6. I understand exactly what you are saying. I see a stranger in the mirror as well. Really hard to recognize that person looking back as me……. I do like the ‘smile’ at the end of your poem. Putting a positive on the situation!

  7. As women I definitely agree that we see more signs of aging on our own bodies than anyone else does… and it’s wonderful to be married to someone who still views us as young.

  8. ah it’s good to smile…bathroom mirrors can be mean fellows at times but love makes us see the other with much different eyes and the things that we can only see with our heart are much more important…

  9. smiles at her surely…cause she’s still beautiful..and if you look at her through the eyes of those kids you will surely see it…smiles…very honest write…is true…

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