The Garden in May

May Garden 2 2013May Garden 3 2013May Garden 2013

I have a certain affinity for the wild and overgrown garden. Its greenness and variety of form and texture are a source of constant fascination and wonder. Now my dear husband, creator and maker of gorgeous landscapes, sometimes takes issue with my free form gardening. He likes a nice symetrical space with everyone in its place and acting all orderly and nice. Not splayed about, leaning across, mixed up and just running amok. Nope, but thats the way my garden grows.

The columbines have started to bloom out and set seed. For the next few weeks, the garden will be raggedy with ripening and drying seed pods. Not the most attractive time of year for the visitor, but worth it for the future plants. When the seedheads dry, I will cut back the stalks and shake out all the tiny seeds. These tiny seeds will be our spring blooms in three years. And we will again delight in the remarkable forms and colors they will produce.

Bob’s iris have about bloomed out. They were gorgeous this spring and he is making plans to add more colors to the garden. I will cut those stalks back too. The remaining iris plants are not without admiration from me – I love the thick pointed leaves, standing boldly in the garden. A beautiful light green verticality for the rest of the year.

My pinks are in bloom and the volunteer hollyhock has 3 stalks this year. I have no idea where it came from, but always happy to see its old fashioned frilly flowers. The rabbits took care of our clematis this year. We will need to remember to screen it next spring. The hostas will bloom soon and the day lilies too.

Another year in the garden – in the course of our seasons!


insistence of green-

color not understood until that first May morning –

when green cannot be ignored


5 thoughts on “The Garden in May

  1. Great post! One of my hollyhock plants has 3 flowers on it. My hostas have just poked their leaves up, they are morning glories and won’t bloom until late summer.
    I too let my garden run wild. S,e of my family can’t stand it, but I like the wild flower feel!

    • Thanks, John. It starts as a pretend spring between the stones on the front patio then cascades down that little waterfall into a small pond. We put it in about 8 or 9 years ago. i have had goldfish in the pond but the mean old heron keeps dropping by for lunch! Have a good weekend! K

    • Me too! – thanks. It seems spring took her sweet time but she finally showed up. Hope she has come round to your garden too – My columbines have just been gorgeous. Always look forward to their return next year. Have a great weekend! K

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