Sea Glass


we walked the sand
as the tide moved away
looking for colored glass,
sea blue, sail white, golden amber,
the palest of green

yes, he said,
bits of flotsam
from ancient ships,
crystalline ships that once sailed
under gossamer wings,
their hulls of finest quartz and amethyst
sparkling in the sun
clear as the seas on which they moved.
under full sail,
they were an enchanting sight
moving across the cerulean waters
in the clear light of day-
ahhh, but at night,
the reflection of stars
glistened across the shimmering deck
lighting the ships with an internal spark-
my, it would have been a sight to see.
but now,
all that is left
of the great crystalline ships
that once sailed the clear blue seas…

and he handed me a shard of sparkling sea glass,
the palest of greens

*** with thanks to Leovi for the sparkling artwork – so beautiful and enchanting

27 thoughts on “Sea Glass

  1. The artwork was a great accompaniment! I’m glad you could share it with us. I hope you’re able to include it when you put the poem into your next book.


  2. Definitely can see the connection with the art here and I love how you personalized it bringing that nostalgic feel to it at the end. I remember collecting sea glass and shells years ago.

  3. Gorgeous, Kathleen… I especially like:

    crystalline ships that once sailed
    under gossamer wings,
    their hulls of finest quartz and amethyst
    sparkling in the sun

  4. ..beautiful… you def play well with the painting… and you don’t just play with it… i think more importantly you enrich the internal quality of the paiting with your words here… loved it… and you are helping appreciate this image even more so than the last… thanks… smiles..

  5. Fantastic – I love the idea of crystalline ships. It also makes me think of a glass beach near some friends of mine in California. I haven’t seen it, but from the description, I could imagine it to be remnants of these ships (rather than the sea smoothed debris of past fly tipping).

  6. I like this a lot. You have really written a fascinating interpretation of the artwork. It does indeed look JUST like sea glass; and your poem makes me think of those great ‘crystalline ships.” Well penned.

  7. I like how you took that shard of sparkling glass from the sea voyage, an enchanting sight by morning and reflecting the stars at night ~ Great use of colors all throughout ~

  8. sea glass…great title..and love how you capture the mood of the pic..wonderful images…the shard of sparkling seaglass and the story that lives withing…so cool kathleen

  9. oh magical…i like…imagine seeing those great crystaline ships sailing…and love the childlike imagination to see them in that colored glass as well…love your imagery of them…if i close my eyes i can just about see them…smiles…nice centering it again in those last lines with the handing of the sea glass….cool response k

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