A Little Different than Our Own

i wonder what might have been
in a story
just a little different than our own
would the landscape have changed
or furniture rearranged
to suit a differing eye
is it possible that subtle fate
or blatant minutes could have intervened
forming a collective lifetime
just a little different than our own
assuming details of your days
and possibly mine
in seasons of hail and star showers
would it have made that much difference
in a story
just a little different than our own

13 thoughts on “A Little Different than Our Own

  1. The “what if” is always so intriguing. I like the idea of the rearranged furniture in particular–a whole piece could probably revolve around it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tis oft the heart drifts wayward wondering what might have been feeds the fantasy. Perhaps there is more wonder wondering what might yet be.
    A whimsical write . . . wonder full.


  3. I love the idea of serendipity – even when fate messes with what we think should happen it seems that further down the road we see there was a reason for it all.

  4. Well said. Thought provoking as always! Am still in Alabama; trip is going well. Miss the beagle though. Am starting to miss the boy toy too 🙂


  5. One does wonder things like this, I think. If only something SMALL had been changed, would it have made a big difference or would all really have remained pretty much the same anyway….worth pondering and reflecting on for sure.

  6. What an interesting concept…a different turn, color, word, heat, cold…anything could change the scenario. Well done!

  7. it is interesting…kinda like the jimmy stewart, only not taking the person out just adjusting the story a bit…the whole time machine argument comes to mind…and how much different even a small change might make to the whole story…cause everything has a reason you know…smiles…

  8. Oh I love the imagery in your closing lines- hail and star showers…this is very thought provoking and for me it made me think about how everything happens at the right time and if that clock was off just one millisecond, it could literally change the world

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