Naiad of Table Rock


Naiad of Table Rock

Grazing in the shallows of the rocky cove
wreathed by dragonfly wings,
wide mouth filled with silvery minnows,
with a flip of her tail,
she is gone.
The Riverman’s eldest Daughter,
sleek as an old catfish
glistening in the milky light of the sun,
makes her way to deepest pools
waiting for the chance
to knot fishing lines of the unwary angler
and tangle treasured lures
in hidden brush under the surface
of the cold fresh water lake.
Some think her a mermaid
but many scoff at the tales-
until when out casting
late at night
in the dark of the moon,
they see a vision,
too large to be a common fish.
Her back scaled and iridescent,
trailing bright phosphorescence
in the murky water.
Silvered hair floats above her
to the surface
as she takes their bait
and runs deep and fast-
another one that got away.

*** for dVerse prompt to write of mythological creatures – thought I would include our local naiad – pretty sure I have almost caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye – what was that big splash?

23 thoughts on “Naiad of Table Rock

  1. As an avid fisher-woman, I loved this! I could picture this so clearly. What a wonderful way you have with description and imagery! I also like that you used the term Naiad instead of Mermaid…it makes the poem stand out, for sure. 🙂

  2. oh my goodness I so love love this poem your visuals of expression make me see the words you write and the twinkles because that is what they are beautiful stars of comic prose that entwine beneath the vines and murky waters is divine your mermaid your Naiad of Table Rock ;))

  3. This is wonderful and I’m delighted to see a Mermaid poem (I had thought of writing a Merman poem, but Matthew Arnold has done it too well with his “The Forsaken Merman”,so I let it lie).

  4. Ha… love your use of phosphorescence against the murky water… such a vivid image. This is so beautifully written and believable.

  5. An interesting story of the riverman’s eldest daughter ~ Another way that gets away hey ~

    By the way, I read that some people actually sew/buy/wear mermaid tails for a recreational hobby or swim ~

  6. ha…very cool…would love to catch a glimpse of her as well…love how you describe her… and i’m a bit envious that we don’t have a local naiad over here…smiles

  7. this is very good. I love how the tempo of the poem really picks up as you get into the description of her in the water, such a nice contrast within a poem itself, but especially in one where one needs to believe, at least momentarily, in the possibility of the naiad itself. Wonderful piece. Thanks

  8. ha. i know her…or of her kin…and my line has met them…dang it…the first fish i ever caught with my youngest was a mighty cat…scared the bejesus out of him when i pulled it out of the water…he thought it was a demon… story telling kathleen…

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