A View of Our April Garden

April Garden 2 2013

I was looking back at last years pictures and posts of the garden in April. And with the understanding that last year was unusual, by this time, all the trees were completely leafed out and my daylilies were in full bloom. Not this year!
This spring has brought us more seasonable April weather for the Ozarks – a coolish and rainy month with a few warm and perfect days. We can get glorious Mays, filled with lovely sunshine and warm days and I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be fortunate to have one of those months.
My columbines have surprised us again this year. These are the progeny of just 4 or 5 plants we put in the garden about 10 years ago. They have reseeded like mad and we never know what colors or forms they will take when they grace our garden with blooms.
They seem this year to have gone to a mauvey purpley color. Our big Colorado blue has turned dark maroon, though it has kept its size. We still have quite a few pale pink and bicolored, and one or two terrific grape purple. No doubles this year to my surprise. I had thought they would continue since they seemed to have established their own side of the garden-but not this year – they are all single blossoms.
I love this garden. It delights me every season with its beauty and its charm. One never knows what surprises it has in store – must be the fairies that live there!

columbines 2 2013

Columbines 2013

Garden fairy 2013

April garden 2013



7 thoughts on “A View of Our April Garden

  1. Your garden is beautiful. I have only just come across your blog, but will be browsing through the archives! Columbines or ‘Granny’s Bonnets’ as we call them are lovely and typical in an English country garden.

  2. ah i think your garden is lovely…beautiful colors in it as well..spring has sprung there…i am lucky to have mowed with work and fam and grad school…lol…still the flowers live on..a bit more wild here this year…smiles.

  3. Gorgeous – everyday it rains I think about how much we could have used it last year. That makes me OK with it – for now. What a lovely garden. I envy you 🙂

  4. I find the same thing with the gardens that I frequent for my photos. I never know what’s going to be there and each year it’s different in some way. I loved seeing the place!


  5. Gorgeous! I love columbine – I lean toward the more “woodsy” feeling flowers, so they’re near the top of my list. Isn’t it great how gardens can surprise you? 🙂 Love that about nature.

    • Yes, that is one of my favorite things about nature and my garden in particular – there are always delightful surprises in every season. Bob’s iris are beginning to bloom and, there again, we never know what color from year to year. Had a gorgeous day today after several cold and rainy days – so nice to be outside!

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