Take My Hand

take my hand and we will take this path
covering states and miles and hours
days of sunshine and mountain air
smoky pool halls and small rooms
warm against the winters ice
lets wander to the cities bright
with green lights and red
eyes of sorrow
entering small towns and villages
changing the view of rolling hills
to the pigtrails with deer
wallows hidden in the deep green
ferned hollows far below the rocky ledges
hold on tight as we move together
across time and space
skin yielding to years
trailed behind, left salted and sated
on this path we take, take my hand

26 thoughts on “Take My Hand

  1. smiles. i am all up for a good road trip…and how can one resist such an invitation as well….the skin yields to years…smiles…dont know if i will make it across to missouri…having a hand to hold ont eh journey makes all the difference…

  2. You make the road trip come alive, and the sense of freedom that entails–the best times ever are like this, holding that one particular hand…enjoyed this much.

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