36 thoughts on “Pantry Shelf

  1. Emptiness longing to be filled – how many people’s lives are like that, I wonder?

    Proof reader mode on:
    Nothings needs and apostrophe thus – Nothing’s.
    Proof reader mode off – or at least as “off” as I can make it 🙂

    I really like this thought-provoking sijo, Kathleen.

  2. I like this so much. Exploring that concept of empty-ful(filled), great idea. The photo, of course, is perfect. Wish I had some of that beautiful gem-like glass, actually.

  3. Really beautiful. This poem can be read on different levels. My interpretation tonight is that emptiness is always yearning for fulfillment. Beauty itself does not satisfy if it feels itself empty. This may not be the meaning you had in mind, but it is how I felt your poem.

  4. Ah, I see. The longing to fulfill the purpose for which a thing is created. Yes, pretty but empty cannot be satisfying. I’d love to know what those colored bottles were used for, too.

  5. I love colored bottles – I used to have several before I downsized my space.

    lovely companion piece to the picture – you’ve written such a sense of waiting into it

    • I have lots of colored glass along the shelves in the glassed porch so they catch the light Many old bottles and glass pieces from my grandmother and great aunts – kinda old fashioned but I love the way it looks!
      Thanks – and that was what I hoped would come across – that waiting to be useful. K

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