Instructions to Keep Monsters at Bay

hold breath
turn off the light
three quick hops to the rug beside the bed
(remember to count
take a breath
leap from rug
into center of bed
(be sure not to touch the floor)
stuffed animals close on each side
cover pulled up
hold breath
take a breath – listen
(no shuffling noises from under the bed)
(no taps or knocks)
make sure not to put hands or feet
out from the covers
squeeze eyes tight

*** This is for the dVerse prompt for April 13. There was a time when I was 8 or 9 when I became afraid of the monsters under my bed. I developed this routine to put myself to bed in order to keep the monsters from reaching out and grabbing me. It worked.

11 thoughts on “Instructions to Keep Monsters at Bay

  1. loved this! when I was little, I used to take a running leap from the door of the bedroom to the middle of my bed and then cover my head with the covers – and I couldn’t stand to have the closet door open even just a little 🙂

  2. Sure, don’t wake those creatures up and rile them. I bet if the floor wasn’t so cold it wouldn’t be so frightening to touch. *shivers* Nice (scary) recollection from childhood.

    • Thanks – it was funny to remember doing this- and as far as the floor – for some reason it was that the rug was somehow safe and the floor was open territory – I don’t know – how do children think of these things? smiles

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