April Sky

Feb Bluebird
sound of mowers in the field-
first cut of the spring-
scent of sweetgrass
dancing and bowing in the afternoon breeze-
brightly colored belles of the garden –
tulips in bloom
afternoon in blue-
April sky, water reflecting April sky, bluebirds on the wing in April sky

16 thoughts on “April Sky

  1. The blue and green is a welcomed change! It’s finally warm enough to sit out and I’m LOVING it.


    P.S. Ignore the beagle if he writes to you for treats. He grudgingly acknowledged that getting a kiss blown at him was good enough.

    • Hey, Nancy – hope your work load is easing – seems as if the 15th would never arrive! We are finally having a string of beautiful days – I’ve been out in the garden all weekend – getting ready for mulch. And put my first hummingbird feeder out today – we’ll see when the first tiny guy arrives.
      PS Awfully hard to ignore such a beagle boy face but kisses are being sent! K

      • It was beautiful here as well and I worked on the yard – after, of course, doing some photography at the botanical gardens! It was very good beagle weather.

    • Thanks again, Jennifer. He is an eastern bluebird, pretty common east of the Rockies. I think you might have the western bluebird or the mountain bluebird come thru your area.
      They are just a gorgeous shade of blue with that rusty bib and white belly. K

      • Ah, thanks for the i.d.!

        I’m from Nevada, where the mountain bluebird is the state bird. Oddly, I never, ever saw one there until I was 45 and had lived out of state for 27 years!

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