Spring Fever

Spring Fever

when the pavement sings
that blacktop song
and the top is down
on the first really warm day of spring
swinging west into the sunshine
as the thunderheads roll
onto the fetching fields of desire
hands stretch and caress those first drops of rain
pulling the living moisture
into the awaiting fertile earth
risking the threat of surge and flood
to lie beneath the heavy spring storm
only the thought of
pollination and ovaries
and eggs
are on anyone’s mind
who has driven into the clouds of billowing
and been confounded with the humming
of bees

25 thoughts on “Spring Fever

  1. I love the beginning and the end but may I venture that it needs to be tightened up in the middle? You write well, Ma’am: your poems are always a delight.

  2. I loved the ending especially. I used to have a couple of bee hives, and the sound of constant activity was amazingly relaxing – I can just imagine the spring flavors they’re creating.

  3. “when the pavement sings
    that blacktop song
    and the top is down
    on the first really warm day of spring”

    We are finally starting to feel a bit more warmth here in western MA the past few days, some of that “blacktop song on the first really warm day of spring. A welcome change from the gray chill of winter and early spring. Lovely capture!

  4. Oh, I hope we get weather here that will allow something to bloom soon. Spring is not making much of an appearance here yet. Ah yes, the tops down — a true sign of spring! I’m waiting..

  5. Kathleen, what a superb breathe of spring! I do love to roam when spring arrives with a sun warmth day! Driving down a country road — simply nothing like it! My favorite season used to be fall but now that we live in the Ozarks my favorite is SPRING! πŸ™‚

    • I know, Brian -This time of year always gets to me – want to run away for the day, find a creek to wade in,pick daisies, stop for rootbeer floats! Hope things are well with you and yours – all the best always – K

      • It was beautiful – I thought it would be rainy, but it was perfect. I had a titmouse get inside the house – that was an adventure. But he’s safe and sound outside now πŸ™‚

      • He went straight for the skylight – I wish I could have gotten a shot of him sitting on the stained glass. I have so many windows, he fluttered from pane to pane. I finally opened every door and he found his way through one of them. πŸ™‚

      • oh that would have been so cool! at our garden center in AR we would get hummingbirds in all the time – to hold those tiny bodies – weighing nothing – so amazing-take them outside and they were gone in a flash

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