Labyrinth Path

April Garden

Labyrinth Path

My ears strain for the still, quiet voice,
Casting out in the afternoon air,
searching for that cadence
of syllables and signs.
It’s there, just within reach,
whispering the rules and wonders
of green understanding and vernal knowledge.
I listen to the southern breeze,
feeling the earth’s slight turning
against the wind.
My toes seeking the gravity
of the graveled walk-
trees moving with me
as I wander the labyrinth path-
Risking everything
for the sacred language of spring.

10 thoughts on “Labyrinth Path

  1. I love that you incorporated the whole theme of walking the labyrinth into spring – it is a sacred walk. I know some churches host labyrinth walks – this has me wondering if you’ve done one?

    • I have walked a labyrinth – wonderful meditation. A friend was pastor of a small country church in AR and her congregation made one on the church grounds one year. She was so moved that she went to a week long retreat in SanFran at one of the cathedrals to walk their labyrinth.

  2. Hi Kathleen. I like the delicacy of tuning of the senses in this poem…. for example, being able to feel the slight breeze created by the turning of the earth. Jane

  3. ah i love the connection to nature in this…down to feeling the turning of the earth into the wind…spring does have a sacred language…smiles…

    on a side note…i love when gandalf admits bilbo brings him courage…

    • No – this was last year after an unusually warm March – my poor garden looks sad compared to this-Hyacinths and daffodils in bloom – tulips thinking about it. We had a cold rainy March – but today was sunny and tomorrow warmer!

  4. We’re supposed to be in the 80’s next week! Everything will green up in a hurry if that happens. I love your image of the quiet, still voice. Unfortunately for me, it’s a stiff wind blowing everything by right now.


    • Hi Nancy, we are forecast to have a beautiful day tomorrow then windy stormy week. If it had been a few degrees warmer today, could have opened the windows. Keep reminding myself that this is NORMAL April weather. Enjoy your warmer temps! hugs – K

    • Thanks, Ellen. This photo is from last April – my garden looks nothing like this today.The hyacinths are blooming and the tulips are starting to peek out. And we did have SUNSHINE today. Hope you are having a sun filled afternoon – hugs, K

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