Hephaestus’ Forge and Recycling of the Ozarks

‘Hephaestus’ Forge and Recycling
Will Buy Scrap’
This sign sent every Tom, Dick and Ned
Down into the hollows
Dragging up the old car parts and bed
Springs hidden under the poison ivy
And dank leaves.
That very afternoon,
A slow serpentine of trucks,
Trailers and cars with open trunks
Loaded down with rusty metal,
Made its way up the ridge to the forge-
Furnace heat felt before the smoke
Came down to curl around the rust laden caravan.
I thought that Hep must pay good
To make these men scrap and work
But then I reached the bald knob
And saw not the crippled blacksmith
But his new bride-
A girl not purdy but beautiful-
A vision that knew her worth
And made every man want her
As she sauntered across the yard
And into the cabin
Before a man could catch his breath.
Like a shot,
Each man furiously pitched
The t-posts and wire out of their trailers
To turn an’ high tail it back down to the hollows
Searching for the old trash piles
To have another reason
To drive back to the mountain top
And see Aphrodite again.

20 thoughts on “Hephaestus’ Forge and Recycling of the Ozarks

    • Thanks, Tony. I have been meaning to ask – I am in the midst of a poem – a very long poem for me – would you mind taking a look at it when I finish? I think I will need your kindly editing eyes. No worries if you can’t, just thought I would ask. K

  1. This made me smile this morning. Could picture the scene. Loved the idea of the Hephaestus Forge and Recycling in the Ozarks…..and could just picture all eyes turned to Aprhodite; and I am sure they were wondering just how Hephaestus managed to luck out! Smiles.

  2. Cool – this took me to Wiki to read the myth. I now the much less of Aphrodite. But seeing her stuck in Arkansas hilljack territory does my heart good. Fun read, thanx

  3. haha well guess that probably saved him money on supply…and well, guess as long as hep is fine with it…him knowing she was his and not worrying she might run off with a scrap hound…ha…fun spin on the tale…

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