Spring Rain

Spring Rain

Rain falls on the just and the unjust
And we are all grateful for it
Lent has moved slowly and our penance
Has been dull as grayed snow
Now the Holy Week brightens
In pear blossoms and birdsong
Soon the ridges will green
And the hollows will be decorated in Christs wounds.

8 thoughts on “Spring Rain

  1. our penance
    Has been dull as grayed snow…ha, interesting way to put that…and if only we could look at all rain as beneficial, too often we get caught in its other feelings….
    come on green…smiles.

    hope you have a great easter!

    • Thanks, Brian – tried my hand at the sonnet – after 3 tries – gave up in defeat – ahh well – I tried. Sun has broken thru the morning rain clouds, have windows open and it smells like spring! Many blessing of Easter to you and yours, my friend. K

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