Small Stones 46/2013

Spring Garden 2013

barefoot spring –
tiptoes in the snow covered fields –
crocus bloom
spring wears her flannel gown –
dancing in the snowflakes-
warm in the white fields
cold spring-
dressed in her white overcoat-
crocus pinned to her lapel

Spring Garden b 2013


5 thoughts on “Small Stones 46/2013

      • I am up high enough that I often get flurries – the birds we crazy during yesterday’s snow. I am going to work on the inside of the house this weekend and keep the fire going 🙂

      • We had more cardinals that I have ever seen – but grackles have come in – I really hate grackles! I keep running them off – but as long as there is suet they come back arghh. Bob has a terrible cold – so we will stay in too. Probably need to clean out closets or something but will end up reading – have a great week, Lorri – Night – K

      • No grackles here – thank goodness. I wish the light had been better. My shots were OK, but not as sharp as I like. Have a great week too. Later. L

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