Open Mic Night at The Black Horse Saloon

open mic night

Down from the ridges
And up from the hollows,
Musicians, gourd green
And rock solid,
Find harmonies
Taught from sinew and bone
Thumping boot heel beat
Rhythm dancing in their song-
Mandolin, banjo,
Guitar, fiddle and bow
Move from tables to stage
In a rowdy contradance
Of changing partners
Unlikely collaborators
With the nights neon muse
Its open mic night
At The Black Horse Saloon
And the music is free.

Black Horse 3Black Horse 2

17 thoughts on “Open Mic Night at The Black Horse Saloon

  1. Wonderful, lively, fun poem — I can hear the thumping boot heels and the mandolin and banjo, guitar and fiddle strings, the laughter, the tap of dancing on the floor. Love the way the poem describes the range of musicians from “gourd green” to rock solid. Enjoyed this poem a lot, Kathleen! Dee

  2. O, I’m stamping my foot in time…Love this sense of community in musicians and listeners alike. Nice write!

  3. Looks and sounds like a fun night with the open mic..we have that around here and sometimes I will take the mic and read one of my poems..sometimes locals musicians come and do some of their work..always fun..

  4. oh dang…i would love to be there…its so cool to get in a setting like this with a bunch of musicians and just let them start getting creative and blending in with each other, picking up where another left off…i would love it…

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