For My Brother, John

For My Brother, John

In the half light of the crescent moon,
I wait-
Thinking of our childhood-
How you look like our father
But not really
You have always just looked like yourself.
I have a sister’s pride and sadness-
Your life of pomp and pageantry
And dealing with foolish problems
How did you get to be such a man?
But really you were this man
From the time you were born.
-I have no memory of that –
Our brother – the triad of our siblinghood-
Our brother’s birth is etched in the scent
Of carnations.
But not you
You were always a part of me
A precious conundrum
And so I wait
In the half light of the crescent moon
Waiting for your headlights to stream down the ridge
For you to be here
As you always have been
I wait

*** My brother, John, is here for the weekend to visit our mom, who lives with us. I wrote this as I was – well – waiting- for him to arrive last night.

3 thoughts on “For My Brother, John

  1. maybe a hint of your father in there…but his own man..i hope the visit goes well this weekend…its always good to see family, you you are going to let him read this? its sweet the ackowledgement that he has always been a part of your life…

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