This Room

This Room

Room of eleven windows
White cotton curtains
Framing the water view
A jar to hold moonbeams
Should I care to catch them
A water nymph, the River Man’s Daughter
Beloved faces in frames
Books stacked on the flea market shelf
Bead board painted samovar silver
And ceiling of palest lavender hue
Where the dawn greets me each morning
And the stars bid me sweet dreams
Each night.

*** The third and final poem of Home – variations on a theme.

9 thoughts on “This Room

    • Bob put up beadboard under the windows about a year ago and we painted it in two shades of gray. But the ceiling – I painted it a pale shade of lavender – so beautiful at different times of day—looking over the water – just about a perfect room!

  1. smiles…the catching of moonbeams….i like…a bit of magic…books stacked….ha..i have a few of those as well..i love the flea market too…smiles…i am a morning person as well….

  2. Ah lovely. Do you get up at dawn!? I am always wanting to, but only truly do when I have to get somewhere! Not true, the dog gets me up. A very sweet poem with a lovely breeze through it. k.

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