Hearts True Home – A Poem for The Last Really Good Shack

The Last Really Good Shack by Carol Allen

Dirty, abandoned and abused
Its structure sound for a century
Its only redemption
On (not love at) first sight
A stony hillside of sunlight
Filled with narcissus and daffodils

Tears, time and sweat
Revealed the sturdy heart
Scrubbed shining and painted
Pure comfort readying
Hospitality fit for the angels
Who would soon fill its rooms

Surrounded by woods and meadows
Seven acres of Ozarks ridge
Blackberried fencelines
Visited by fox and white tailed deer
Trimmed in pink fairie roses
To crown the summer queen

Each peeper filled pond
Chime laden black haw
Secret fern covered spring
Rocky paths lined by red clover
Became daily destinations
Of wonder and solemn beauty

Seasons of sun and moon
Stars, comets and fireflies
Signs and wonders revealed
Violet winter days of deep snow
Green scented spring breezes
Autumns golden splendors

Its old structure still sound
Filled with echoes of love
Magical decade now a decade past
Memory erases the sadness
Leaving only the longing
Of hearts first true home

The Last Really Good Shack - porch

31 thoughts on “Hearts True Home – A Poem for The Last Really Good Shack

  1. Sounds like it was a wonderful place, so sad that it is gone. it seems like humanity has a way of crowding in on all beautiful places in the name of progress… hopefully there will be places somewhere in the future for true solitude and wilderness to be seen,

    • Susan, we left it over a decade ago – and the land has been sold around it, so what I remember – the privacy and wildness – is gone – filled with lights and roads and houses. But it will always be THE place in my heart. Glad that you have that too – thanks K

  2. The word “home” is difficult for me. I was raised by loving parents in a strong family, but my Dad’s army career meant that we moved a lot – so the sense of a place as home is something I never knew. In my adult life, for a variety of reasons, usually work or education related – I’ve kept moving. In many ways, I’m still looking for a home that means what yours obviously does to you.

    • Tony – I had similar experience – my dads job moved us alot – this was the 11th house I had lived in and ended up living there for a decade. I learned home was where ever we hung our hats! This house was a singular place – a place that I changed and in turn the place changed me. Would be happy for you to read more about it – have written quite a bit under the category The Last Really Good Shack. Thanks so much for dropping by! K

  3. Definitely the first family home sticks forever, regardless of the seasons ~ I like how you turn this dirty place into a well scrubbed home full of love and solemn beauty ~

  4. smiles…that first home that you live in def carries the memories doesnt it…smiles…the place i lived the year before we were married, ha…had such character and we still laugh about…we went straight to an apartment which was so tiny but a great first place….smiles…love all the life and nature you were surrounded by as well…

    • Brian It was an experience for sure! We had owned several homes before this but the shack became my ‘hearts true home’. It was my first time living in the country – so the ‘nature’ part was a real lesson for this town girl! Thanks as always for dropping by – always appreciate it! K

  5. I love the history of the family home that you have shared.
    You said memory eases the sadness. So true of homes we leave, but memories of a family home are stronger than most, I believe.. I hear you when at the end you call it ‘heart’s true home.’ When I think of the word ‘home’ I still think oftentimes of my CHILDHOOD home, which I left decades ago!

    • I have written many posts about our Last Really Good Shack (you can see them under that category if interested) – it was a true ramshackled old thing we bought in NW Arkansas and lived in for 10 years. It really did become one of the great loves of my life. My family moved so often that this was the longest I had ever lived in a home and the first time in the country. Quite a new experience for a town girl! Thanks for dropping by, Mary – so appreciate your time! K

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