Small Stones 34/2013

Feb morning
reflections of the bright dawn-
sparkle in the waters surface-
rippled by the morning breeze
golden light pools in the morning cove-
bright eddies of dawn-
swirl with the schooling of small fish
cold winter wind pushes its way back into the cove-
but the sound of spring is heard from the treetops –

13 thoughts on “Small Stones 34/2013

    • Karen, couldn’t help but laugh – pretty sure you are a little snowier! We really haven’t had any winter to speak of – still keeping my fingers crossed for a deep spring snow. Mid -February always teases us with thoughts of spring- hope your day is sunny, my friend. K

      • I have thought about it because others have suggested it too. I would have a hard time editing what to put in there!
        Do you self publish your work, Kathleen?

      • Yes, and I am working on another but it has been suggested that I find an agent and editor to maybe get a small publishing co interested. I know that photography would be expensive to reproduce – so maybe sending some letters out to agents might get you somewhere. I just know that I see coffee table books filled with beautiful photos but none hold a candle to your work.

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