The Consolation of Trees

The Consolation of Trees

In midwinter,
When the sap begins to rise
The cycle begins
With the change in sun and light
Seasons of growth
A swelling of bud and bloom
Then fruit and seed
With the turning of the earth
The light dims
And the release of leaves
A letting go

Does the tree grasp and cling to flower and fruit?
Does it grieve the last leaf to fall?
Does it weep in the knowledge
Of life to death to life again?

The tree knows only
The newness of eternal spring
That with each turn of the earth
The cycle begins again
And again
A letting go

17 thoughts on “The Consolation of Trees

  1. …ah trees know nothing of death nor the falling stage… it only knows to rise up again and move and bloom ever fairer & standing… and we can learn a lot from it… beautiful…smiles…

  2. What a powerful parallel here. So much symbolism. It made me think of the book The Giving Tree as I’m thinking of all of the things that trees have to offer us and yet we don’t often have much to offer them back.

  3. smiles…the trees do know…they remind us as well the cycle…that letting go new life forms and that is how life passes one to the other….smiles….def power in letting go like that…smiles…nice kathleen…

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