First Memory

First Memory

Yellow curtains
Moving in just a hint of breeze
The light
Maybe mid morning
The sound of her
Working in the front flowerbeds
The smell of newly turned earth

*** For the DVerse prompt to write of childhood and memory. This is literally my first memory and I must have been 18 months or two years old, before my baby brother was born. My mom would put us down for a morning nap and then do her chores. This morning, she was planting flowers below our window. I can always conjure the feel of the air, the smell of the earth and feeling of complete safety and love in the memory of this young family in a little house in Lubbock, TX.

25 thoughts on “First Memory

  1. I find it so amazing that you can remember from such a young age, and I like the brevity which I’m sure matches your memory from then.

  2. Wonderful – there is such a sense of motion and light here – a turning even for purposes of olefactory senses — really enjoyed the simplicity here and yet vivid quality. k.

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