Love, Death or the Moon

Love, Death or the Moon

Maybe it’s a wild hair
On that double helix
That someday, with chromosomal research,
And engineering,
The poetical urge will be revealed
Or maybe it’s an irregular
Firing of electrical charge
Across the wrinkled gray flesh
That with some new therapy
Can deduce the episodic rhymes and rhythms
And there’s always possible alien encounters
With stellar microwaves
That fitting your cap with aluminum foil
Could focus all expressive versifying insights
Not physical, perhaps spiritual
Voices of angels whispering
In waiting ears
Touch of the Deity
To spark gloried inspiration
That can only be rendered
In couplets and sonnets
Maybe its moments
That are just
Awake Real Aware Stunning Moving Lovely Horrible Sad Wonderful Horrific Astonishing
And the only possible response
Is a poem
About love, death or the crescent moon

8 thoughts on “Love, Death or the Moon

  1. Perhaps all of these things and more, I love where you took the prompt. If there is a poetic impulse I’m sure we’ll try to remove it, no one every says I wish my child would grow up to be a poet. Until then let’s flood the world with poetry :).

  2. ha. there are days i wonder if i am channeling angels…smiles…ha. and others i am surely inspired by God as well…and poetry is def the response i give…smiles…nice one kathleen. hows the weather out there?

    • Thanks, Brian – inspiration is weird – the occurrence is rare for me but when it hits – it hits! We are having very typical Ozark weather – 3 cold days then 3 warm days – 70 on Mon then 35 on Thurs! Are ya’ll still in the deep freeze?

  3. I believe the voices are different for everyone…it may come from voices of angels or maybe from genes or just from moments with nature ~ Enjoyed your lovely share ~

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