An Afternoon Walk in January

Afternoon in Jan

After quite a few foggy frosty days, the wind shifted to the south and we have enjoyed a warm and sunny weekend. Yesterday afternoon, Bob and I took a walk down to the lake. And it is a long way down to the waters edge now. It you look back at pictures from last spring and summer, you will be able to see the difference in our little cove. We joked that if we don’t get good rain this spring, we may no longer be waterfront, but more rock and mud puddle front!
While Bob went looking for lures that had been revealed by the lower water table, I watched birds and looked for animal tracks. Saw these – might be otter or raccoon.


There were mussel shells and lots of tiny clam shells in this area – I wonder if he had stopped for a quick bite to eat before we disturbed his lunch!

We have also seen lots of wild Canadian geese coming to the lake – loud honking is always the precursor to seeing the vees descend to the water. They intermingle with our little local flock that makes our cove their year round retreat. We watched several skeins slowly circle the point directly across from us until all landed and fed in the open field. After much loud honking of’ hellos’ and ‘out of my way -out of my way’ ‘landing here!!!’

Wild geese in Jan 2

Wild geese in Jan

Bob spotted a bald eagle but it was too far away to get a photo. They will come and perch in the tops of trees lining the cove and sun themselves. It is always wonderful to see these majestic and huge birds. And to see them catch fish is just remarkable!

As we walked to the point, we spotted two heron doing the crazy heron dance. Not sure what sort of mating ritual these birds have – but they were stretching and bowing to each other and then would just turn and walk in opposite directions!

herons in Jan

Herons fishing

It was a beautiful day for a walk – and today is a little cooler – but we are on the way out the door for another afternoon stroll.  Hope you have a beautiful day too

Its all part of the course of our seasons!


18 thoughts on “An Afternoon Walk in January

    • We just got in from another walk- went around to the other side of the cove – where we spotted the herons. Found 2 good lures and some lavender glass along the shore. Cooler than yesterday and cold tomorrow – ahhh well – nice weekend – sure could use rain! K

      • I have found them up near the Holiday Island Marina – this time of year is the best with the water down. I have been hunting them since I was a child.

      • The white river valley is active all along the shore of the original river bed – Table Rock is fairly narrow so when the water goes down the points come up – here they say they float. I look for places where the sand washes down – I also find a lot of grinding stones on the shores too – I have a pile of them in the living room.

      • That could be – I know that I do well in low places like the HI point and in anyplace that has a bluff above water. Also the little gravel bars that get exposed. I have found them from the dam to Golden pretty consistently. I haven’t paddled much past Golden on Tale Rock.

      • Bobs always found them along the creek bluffs – Big and Little Sugar Creeks in Benton County is where he found the most. His pockets would be filled when he came home from work – the washing machine found a few!

      • LOL – I wear an amethyst one my grandma found when I was hiking with her as a child. She had a knack for spotting them and she showed me what to look for – something with round reflections. I have some I found with her in Nevada. I wish I had found pocketfuls at a time – but I have a good number.

      • Bob has a tiny bird point he would like to have made into a necklace. He occasionally gets all his out to show the nieces and nephews. Our youngest niece, Haley, has already asked if she can have all of Uncle Bob’s ‘crap’ when we die- Such wonderful children we have in our lives !!!

      • LOL – My grandparents gave each of their nieces and nephews a silver dollar for graduation except for the youngest – she was my age and they gave her an arrowhead necklace – like mine only not amethyst. They used a loop of gold wire wrapped through the notches and into a loop for the chain – it’s simple but shows the arrowhead off. I have been thinking about writing a post on arrowheads.

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