Unfamiliar Skies

I have always been a daughter
My brothers made me a sister
And I will always be those things
I have run home to mama
And fled the scene
For the entirety of my days
At the death of my father
There was a change
A sea change
The ship heaved into the waves
Leaving the familiar shoreline
The beloved homeland
Never to be seen again
I am still a sister
Though the boys long ago became men
I am still a daughter
Though my mother is now in my care
Through many storms and doldrums
My ship has remained afloat
I guide it with the charts laid before me
Into unknown waters
And under unfamiliar skies.

20 thoughts on “Unfamiliar Skies

  1. This really sums up something I have been trying to process for some time now. When I lost my mom I was still a daughter, loosing my dad left me the oldest – new territory. The shift in roles seems to reflect a shift in my view of myself.

    • I guess its one of the last changes we go thru – becoming the oldest – the elders. I know that the change was profound with me when Dad died and then when Mom had her stroke, I became the caretaker. I too still feel I am in process – Still navigating my way under unfamiliar skies. : ) K

  2. A thoughtful and well-penned reflection on the shifting roles we play in life – some which never change, and some we wish would not – changing like the ocean currents and tides; always water but never the same twice.

  3. This is a great account of life. As children we cherish our parents, our siblings (at least most of the time!)…but then we grow older and ‘flee the scene’ or leave home…and the passing of a parent changes things (as you have eloquently written), but love doesn’t, our love for THEM doesn’t…but the outside world will never quite be the same…and this is that all important ‘moment of realisation’…very well written

  4. I like the sea change when a parent dies ~ And a daughter is always a daughter, even when we have our own family ~ I like the strength and courage in the end, don’t we all try to keep afloat under the unfamiliar sky ~

  5. Nice metaphor here to the ocean and its changes. I’m not a fan of change or transitions, and although neither of my parents have passed, I do not know my father and the one time I met him at seventeen and the we went our ways again changed everything. Nicely done.

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